Fashion Education

Slow Fashion Will Change Your Life — Here’s How

Article by: Nikola Lindenberg

It might be an oxymoron, but slow fashion is all the rage at the moment — and it is here to stay! Recently, a growing number of well-established brands are opting to join the existing crowds of indie designers who choose the sustainable approach to fashion and the production of their clothes. Forget being a slave to seasonal trends, figuring out what to do with all of those throwaway pieces clogging up your closet every new season and say hello to the slow fashion movement, which employs a holistic approach to life and may be signaling the end of the reign of fast fashion. Here’s what slow fashion is really about, why you should give a damn about it, and how it can be of benefit to you.

You Will Develop a Personal Style

The very nature of fast fashion as a consumer category relies heavily on uniformity and reproducibility of clothes. Slow fashion on the other hand provides a space for the exploration of your personal taste. Mix and match, take bold risks and have fun — there is so much to discover and the options are endless. Fashion should be about exploration,  going against the grain, and being brave, not about following the rules. Possessing fewer pieces, but pieces that at the same time represent you more truthfully can be a liberating and satisfying experience. You will be proud of the contents of your wardrobe in no time.


You Will Support Emerging Designers and Brands

Chances are, you are already familiar with the big players in the fast fashion game. Nothing exciting there, we agree. Quality and uniqueness in production of fast fashion are secondary to the sheer numbers of pieces, which leads to clothing that is not only devoid of designers’ and craftsmen’s personal touch. Slow fashion pieces are often entirely handmade, which makes each and every clothing item made in this way more special and unique both to you and the people who made it. In slow fashion, there are as many different voices as there are articles of clothing. Isn’t that where true power and artistic potential of fashion lies?


You Will Save Money in the Long Run

Yes, slow fashion is often pricier than what you will find on the clothing racks of high street brands. But it will also remain in great condition long after your fast fashion pieces head for their designated place under the sink or next to the trash can. Look at it this way — slow fashion clothes are made to last. Everything from the carefully selected quality material and distinct design, to skilled and careful technical execution promises a long and exciting experience of enjoying your new favorite items. Wouldn’t you rather own fewer clothes you are truly proud of than waste money every month on new items you are aware will end up on a landfill in less than a year?


You Will Champion the Fair Treatment of Workers

Another concern being tackled by the slow fashion movement is the treatment of workers. Sweatshops are one of the burning issues within the fashion industry at the moment, and have been for many years. Fairly visible in today’s age, the problem persists nonetheless. Workers are being hired to participate in long, grueling work days, in terrible conditions with meager pay and possess virtually no workers’ rights. For many of them, keeping their jobs means basic survival. Slow fashion brands have joined the movement to protect the worker’s rights and appreciate their contributions, as well as value the masterful craftsmanship, and the love they are able to put into clothes production.


You Will Become Aware of the Bigger Picture

Let’s get one thing straight — the fashion and apparel industry could use quite a bit of a clean up. Reports are in, and the numbers are grim: from water and air pollution, abuses of human rights and waste creation to the destruction of habitat and contribution to animal suffering, fast fashion in particular is slowly but surely becoming one of the main cogs in the mechanism that is bringing forth the destruction of our planet. By choosing to opt the slow fashion route, you will recognize the power you hold as an individual to stop the devastation of the Earth. You will carry a powerful message and influence others around you to open their eyes and recognize that their personal choices affect not only themselves and the people in their immediate vicinity, but also the lives of each and every individual living on this planet, and the life of the planet itself.



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