5 Must-Have Summer Bags for Every Occasion

What better way to start talking all things summer than by introducing our very own list of must-have summer bags you will love to have with you in the following months.

Article by: Nikola Lindenberg

Summer is just around the corner. And what better way to start talking all things summer than by introducing our very own list of must-have summer bags you will love to have with you in the following months. Different times of day and various occasions call for different bags — and we have them all on display for you here. These incredible hand-made designs will help you exude an aura of uniqueness, versatility, and bold spirit. Here are the House of Satori summer handbag staples you simply must include into your wardrobe.

Everyday Bottomless Bag – Pana tote by AAKS

Image: Courtesy of

Spacious. Versatile. Durable. Those are the three essential traits of the everyday bag you will need this summer. With plenty of room for all your daily essentials, a simple design and understated colors that will fit any day outfit this hand-woven bag from AAKS will be your trusty companion through thick and thin. Its cotton lining will ensure the safety of all your precious daily essentials, while its subtle leather detailing offers sturdiness and a touch of refinement.

Cocktail Clutch – Aura Bean Rainbow by Sarah’s Bag

Image: Courtesy of

When it comes to cocktails, dinners and special occasions — a clutch is an unmistakable choice. The hunt for the perfect clutch is sometimes quite long, and you may find yourself torn between the choice of color, material, and embellishment. This summer, less is more. And retro is back. Simple, yet eccentric — elegant, yet playful, the Aura Bean Rainbow from Sarah’s Bag is a show-stopping minaudière which features clean layers of Perspex for a sleek, minimalist finish. Minimal design for maximum impact.

Structured Office Bag – Sweet Valentine by Lautem

Image: Courtesy of

Wanna dress to impress at the office? It is wise to play it smart here. The strong, structured lines, subtle color palette, and impeccable craftsmanship should be the defining traits of a perfect office bag. Summer is no time for the standard office colors though. Forget gray and black, and opt for the rich, beige Sweet Valentine by Lautem.

Perfect Holiday Bag – Goa Ozran by Nannacay

Image: Courtesy of

When picking out the perfect holiday/beach bag, let your imagination run wild. There are no wrong choices here, as the holiday bag represents freedom, practicality, and a burst of summer colors. Be playful, and refresh your summer wardrobe with an dose of vivid color. The perfect holiday bag is versatile, colorful, and practical, just like our summer pick in this category, the Goa Ozran bag by Nannacay.

Statement Bag – Datu by Joanique

Image: Courtesy of

A statement bag needs no introduction. When you see it, it will call to you with a voice louder, stronger, and more powerful than any other. This bag will challenge you, and the people around you. At times, its intensity will seem threatening, while other times it will make you soar to new heights. One thing is certain — it will leave you no choice but to surrender to the joy of being yourself. Earnest, unapologetic, and distinctive. All this, and more, we have found in the electric Datu bag by Joanique. Make it yours this summer, and let go of any and all restraints.

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